Emily Inman is a vocalist, songwriter, writer, and poetess.

Associated Acts:

Phantom Lady, Vintage-Voices


“If there’s no new law that denies

you memory or practice of the songs

of love that used to quiet all my longings,

then may it please you with those songs to solace

my soul somewhat; for — having journeyed here

together with my body — it is weary.”

The Divine Comedy, Purgatorio, Canto II, 106-111

In May of 2017 she earned a dual Bachelors degree in English & World Literatures and Philosophy & Religious Studies. Her experience as an undergraduate was life changing, a time when her destiny was reawakened with new purpose. Amongst a plethora of studies, the most significant subjects she encountered included: Dante Alighieri, Edgar Allan Poe, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Oscar Wilde’s Picture of Dorian Gray, Medieval Christian mysticism, philosophy and literature of Classical Antiquity, and the art and poetry of the Italian Renaissance. Through this experience she came to understand that all creation is a response to silence, an overwhelming abyss, and in order to best honor the artists and thinkers she studied, she had to emulate them.

Thus the flames of her desire to create were stoked. Much of her creative work is inspired by her passion for music, cinema, art, and literature. Inspiration comes to her at every moment; she often pauses throughout her day to make a quick note in her journal for her next poem or short story, or record a melody on her voice memo. Her muse communicates to her at every moment of the day.

But much of her inspiration came from the earlier years of her life and her deep Christian faith. She grew up attending her local Orthodox Christian Church in Vermont. She recalls her encounters with Orthodoxy as one of awe and inspiration. She revelled in the beauty surrounding her, expressed in gold and iconography and the smell of incense, all intended to emulate the divine. At the age of five she was singing in the choir and turning the pages of the sheet music, without having any prior knowledge of how to read music. The music uplifted and motivated her to get in touch with the spiritual world, and continues to do so today.  

Already recognizing her gift for song and writing, her mother began to encourage her by purchasing her first piano (which Emily still plays today). She arranged for her to have weekly piano and vocal lessons at age 13, and bought her typewriters and ink pens. Emily fondly remembers the days of her childhood when she would sit in the dining room and write for hours on end, looking out the window into nature and dreaming up new worlds and songs. She created Phantom Lady in 2011. A few years later she created Vintage-Voices with her sister Sadie, an a cappella duo singing wartime era songs. They performed in local cafes and restaurants on weekends and for school events throughout high school. They still continue to perform together.  

That passion to create continues to grow with her. She wrote, recorded, and produced her first EP “Phantom Lady” in 2017. During her time in New York City, she played regular solo and group shows as herself, Vintage-Voices, and Phantom Lady in Metro Baptist Church, the Time Hotel, Atlas Social Club, lounges, and collaborated with many artists based in the city. In May of 2018 she performed as Phantom Lady in the “Echoes of Love” suicide awareness and prevention event, a cause which she strongly believes in. She is always striving for growth, and her eagerness to share her gifts with the world continues to motivate and inspire her.

Emily is currently based in Nashville, Tennessee.